Goals for a Cause


Brooke Wood

The Viri Dei team preparing for a win.

Brooke Wood, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday night, the Viri Dei boys took on the Kenrick-Glennon seminarians in a friendly soccer game at the Crusader Stadium. After two hard halves, the Viri Dei boys pulled out a triumphant win with a final score of 4-0.

The game was much more than any old competition; it was a way for the entire St. Dominic community to gather to support our faith and Our Lady’s Inn, a women’s crisis center in Defiance. Despite the chilly weather, the stands were packed with fans cheering on Crusaders and seminarians alike. The event raised over $750 to benefit Our Lady’s Inn.

Luke Pescarino, a member of Viri Dei, led the boys to success as their coach. But for him, the night wasn’t just about the win.

“It’s a good feeling to get a win, but it’s an even greater feeling to do it all for a great cause,” said Pescarino.

Class of 2018 graduate Alex Cammarata was playing for the seminarians this year.

“It’s really fun to be back here. Michael Laugeman and I were talking on our way here about how much we miss it and how excited we are to be back on the campus. It’s great to be back here promoting vocations and promoting the faith,” said Cammarata.

Even though the boys were competitors on the field, off the field they are like brothers. At the end of the day, the game was not about who won or lost. It was about coming together and raising money for a great cause.