Mrs. Hood: Working Mother of the Year


Connor Hood

Mrs. Hood and her family

Alyssa Buchheit, Staff Writer

St. Dominic parent and alum Mrs. Aimee Hood is recognized by many around our school from the time she puts into the SDAA board, Crusader Golf Classic and the activities of her two sons—senior Conner and freshman Noah—but she was recently launched into the spotlight of our local community when she was announced as the 2018 Monsanto, now Bayer, Working Mother of the Year.

Mrs. Hood is the regulatory communications lead for Bayer, which just took over Monsanto. Bayer is one organization on the the 2018 Working Mother 100 Best Companies list, and because of that are invited to name their Working Mother of the Year.

“Companies should name an employee who is a mom who demonstrates a deep commitment to work, family and community, and shows leadership in making a real difference,” said Working Mother.

Mrs. Hood promotes STEM at St. Dominic by participating on career panels, hosting student tours and leading a STEM advisory council. When she heard the news that she had won the prestigious award, she was shocked.

“I work with so many amazing women and mothers at my company that I couldn’t believe I was selected,” said Hood.

On the other hand, her sons are not surprised at all.

“She is working nonstop. I have never seen someone work longer and harder than she does,” said Conner.

Conner’s younger brother backed him up on his statement.

“My mom works so hard at home. She gets everything done and really helps me and my brother out with homework. Last night, for example, she studied with me for two hours for my biology test,” said Noah.

Mrs. Hood is a busy bee, juggling work, parenting and volunteering, among many other things. She credits a lot of her ability to balance her career and family to her company’s flexibility. For instance, Bayer has summer hours where employees are allowed to have full or half days off on Fridays once they’ve worked 40 hours. Mrs. Hood also credits her ability to balance work and home to her husband.

“Craig has always been incredibly supportive of my career, and I’m very grateful for our partnership which really enables flexibility at home,” said Hood.

Mrs. Hood advises other working mothers to not be afraid to ask for help and to always find ways to empower other parents in the workplace. She believes a little positivity and encouragement can go a long way. After all, she knows her family provides the positivity and encouragement she needs.

“My family is amazing, and it is only through their support and encouragement that I am able to achieve success in all facets of my life,” said Hood.

Mrs. Hood will receive the award with her family by her side during a ceremony in New York City on October 9. Please help us congratulate her!