Loco for Hoco: Homecoming Proposals 2018


Charlie Wehde and Elizabeth Petruso

Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

With homecoming right around the corner, many people are getting asked to the big event, and this year the proposals are getting more and more creative. From Newsies, to clever signs, this homecoming in Hollywood will be one St. Dominic students will never forget!

Junior Tyler Mersnick started the homecoming proposal competition off strong, asking his girlfriend senior Madelyn Roettger in the cutest way!

“He brought a poster to my cheer practice that said, ‘I wouldn’t wanna tackle this night with anyone else… homecoming?’ I knew it was coming since we’ve been dating for a while now, but I was surprised and super happy,” said Roettger.

Madelyn Roettger and Tyler Mersnick

Mersnick didn’t just stop there; he also came through with a basket filled with a milkshake, candy and Chick-fil-A. What more could a girl ask for? With only one more homecoming, Roettger plans to make it the best one yet.

“I’m excited to spend my senior year with all my friends,” said Roettger.

The juniors and seniors are not the only ones in the homecoming proposal lead. Sophomore Charlie Wehde asked Newsies co-star Elizabeth Petruso with a sweet and sentimental poster.

“He asked me in the Oak Grove after school with a sign and bouquet of flowers. (The sign) was lined with newspapers and said ‘I’d Feel Like the King of New York if You Seize the Day With Me at Hoco,’” said Petruso.

Coming up with this clever idea and putting it into action was not easy, and it was something that was a long time in the making.

“This was something I knew I had to get right, so I did a ton of thinking, got some help from my sister and also gained some mild inspiration from other asks out there,” said Wehde.

With this out of the park proposal, homecoming is sure to be a blast for the two Newsies stars.

“I love and am looking forward to everything about homecoming. Me and Charlie have always been close friends and we’re going with a group of friends as well. I love going to dances anyways and now I’m going with one of my good friends. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with some of my best friends. We’re all going to have so much fun!” said Petruso.

Owen Gober and Sophia Gonzalez

Even freshman Owen Gober decided to hop on the classic Chick-fil-A bandwagon for an adorable homecoming proposal to fellow freshman Sophia Gonzalez.

“He came to my house with a sign that said ‘Will you be my ‘chick’ at hoco.’ I was really surprised because I had no idea, but I was really excited to go with him!” said Gonzalez.

Even though it is only the freshmen’s first homecoming, they are surely pumped for the big night ahead of them.

“For it being my first homecoming. I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I’m excited to hang out with my friends and have a great time!” said Gonzalez.

As homecoming week begins, these three couples surely topped the charts with amazing and creative proposals. With only a few days until the long-awaited dance, these St. Dominic students will surely make the night one to remember!