Danielle Rose Photography: The Next Big Thing


Danielle Werdes

Danielle Werdes (Photographer)

Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

To all the ladies and lads out there in need of senior pictures, St. Dominic’s very own Danielle Werdes has got you covered. Werdes, a senior here at St. Dominic, is not only a student but a remarkable entrepreneur. Werdes started her business over the summer to take professional pictures at an affordable price!

“Once senior year rolled around, people started talking about senior pictures and I thought it would be the perfect way to give my friends some great pictures without having to completely break the bank,” said Werdes.

Her love for taking pictures and experience as the leader of the photography club at St. Dominic has allowed her to get professional practice as a photographer and has sparked her talent to flourish.

“She portrays professionality because she has created her own website for the photos and has even made an Instagram to showcase them. I would recommend her because she is super fun and easy to work with!” said senior Kamryn Fuegner.

Being a business starter and photographer is not all fun and games. To create her website, she had to design, organize and make packages that would fit customers’ budgets and not drain their wallets.

“To start my business, I came up with a name, made a website and Instagram, as well as decided on some of the prices and things to offer customers. One of the biggest difficulties was figuring out how to put together the packages, since there were so many different ways to do it,” said Werdes.

Besides taking fantastic pictures, her main goal is to make her clients and friends feel confident and comfortable in themselves through her photography.

“I want to tell potential customers that we want to help you to feel confident and happy with your pictures, and give you great memories to enjoy!” said Werdes.

She also hopes to grow her business to include family portrait sessions. If you want to find out more about her business you can visit her website http://www.daniellerosephotography.weebly.com/ or her Instagram @daniellerose.photos to see pictures, updates and other information about her company.

Even though she is only seventeen, her photography business is the next best thing!