The New and Improved Crusader Cafe


Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

A new school year comes with new surprises, and this one tops them all — a brand new lunch menu, personalized by a professional chef. This year, say goodbye to frozen food and say hello to a fresh and organic palette. From fresh meals made daily by the new chef to delectable chocolate chip cookies, the Crusader Cafe surely does not disappoint!

In the lunch line, students can find fresh fruit, handmade chicken sandwiches made from scratch and the gooiest chocolate chip cookies in the world. With the new chef’s culinary talents, every bite is full of flavor.

“I got the chicken tenders, and the food this year is fresher and tastes much better and has more of a variety. As of last year, there was not much to choose from and I always got the same things everyday, and eventually started bringing my lunch,” said senior Rachael Foster.

The students’ most popular choice, fries, have topped themselves too. With an assortment of tastes and textures, french fries are the prime lunch choice.

Even the cookies from last year cannot top the chocolate masterpiece from the new chef. The light and gooey center is the number one delicacy.

Besides the basics, the Crusader Cafe is continually adding new meals to the menu every day. No matter how picky you are, there will always be a fun new meal to appeal to you, including various flavors of soup, salads and other delicious entrees.

“I would recommend the food to other students because they have a big variety for everyone and a lot of delicious options, even for picky eaters like me,” said Sweeney.

With the new lunch menu in full swing, students are packing the cafe to snag a new and fresh meal. No matter the day of the week, the Crusader Cafe will surely empower your hour.