Hurricane Lane Weakens to Tropical Storm; Islands Still Face Damages

Hurricane Lane Weakens to Tropical Storm; Islands Still Face Damages

Brooke Wood, Editor-in-Chief

Hurricane Lane was scheduled to hit the islands of Hawaii as a Category 5 hurricane, but was downgraded to a tropical storm on Sunday before the weather hit. Still, Hawaii residents are faced with the fear of flash flooding as they await the large amounts of rain to come.

The islands have not been hit with a storm of this degree in 26 years, and they are currently dealing with the effects. Hawai’i island received nearly two feet of rain, and 39 evacuations were made by local firefighters in Hilo. The island of Maui faced winds with speeds up to 157 mph. The winds started brush fires, causing nine homes to be destroyed and 600 Lahaina residents to be evacuated.

The island of O’ahu has already returned to normalcy. Though the island was not hit hard by the storm, many residents spent their week preparing for the worst. My social media was filled with friends stocking up on necessary supplies. My old school was closed for two days. I received “Stay safe!” texts in my old soccer team’s group chat, and I sent them to my friend the day the hurricane was supposed to hit.

Hawai’i is currently working to repair damages due to flooding, while still preparing for more upcoming rain this week. Even though Hurricane Lane did not cause the detrimental damage expected, it still left its mark on the islands.