Back to School: Freshman Orientation 2018


Maddie Herbert, Staff Writer

As the school year begins and students start flooding the St. Dominic halls, the incoming freshmen are preparing for their next four years as a Crusader. With their freshman orientation last Wednesday and Thursday, the ninth graders are already a part of the St. Dominic family.

The long-awaited day started off with cheering and loud welcomes as the freshmen were greeted by the cheerleaders, peer ministers and other St. Dominic students. With their first steps ahead on their four year long journey, they headed to their advisory rooms!

As the students met their senior advisors and other classmates, they started the day with a few icebreakers. The day progressed and they took their pictures and learned more about school rules. Then, the seniors helped them set up their iPads to start the year off strong!

“The senior advisors were very helpful. They took us step by step on their very own iPads to explain every app and how to use it. If any student had a problem, they came around personally to make sure everyone was in the same spot,” said freshman Alli Herbert.

As the second day of freshmen orientation came, the students were able to walk through all of their classes before the jumble of upperclassmen arrive on Monday.

“My favorite part is being a leader for the freshman. They are able to get used to high school before all of the upperclassmen get there so they are comfortable on their first day of high school,” said senior advisor Josh Willenbrink.

Besides the academic help of advisory, the freshmen advisory also makes sure students are making new friends, getting involved in clubs and growing as a St. Dominic family.

“Orientation so far has helped me get to know how close of a community St. Dominic is and to just get involved,” said freshman Emma Hall.

With the start of the school year on Monday, the freshman  are definitely prepared for their first year here at St. Dominic. With a new and improved school, it’s a great year to be a Crusader!