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Teacher Besties

Nick Bone, Staff Writer

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We all know students have best friends, but teachers have them too. Having a best friend on staff surely makes the days fly by, but what makes teacher besties click?

Mrs. Schuler and Ms. Zilka

Both Mrs. Schuler and Ms. Zilka have bubbly personalities that can lighten up anyone’s day, so it just makes sense that they are teacher besties.

“Without a doubt, her child-like spirit. Whether we are dancing to Space Jam or Copperhead Road, it almost feels like I’m experiencing it for the first time. Ms. Zilka can turn the most ordinary encounter into an experience that keeps me smiling for days,” said Schuler.

Speaking of smiling, Ms. Zilka and Mrs. Schuler have a phrase that they live by and they find it quite amusing.

“We use a phrase to characterize our time together: impeding the forward progress of adults. When we are together, we tend to be goofy and distracting to others,” said Zilka.

While other adults may be affected by their shenanigans, we students seem to be doing just fine in their classes. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy being around these two?

Mr. Duncan and Mr. Asher 

Mr. Asher has a very unique sense of humor which is very entertaining but not always understood by his students. You can tell because his students keep a bad joke count on the whiteboard in his classroom. However, there is one person who gets Mr. Asher’s humor — Mr. Duncan.

An admiration of each other’s humor seems to be what makes these two so compatible, but things haven’t always been normal for them. According to Mr. Duncan, they met in a rather strange way.

“We met on an expedition to climb Mt. Everest. We both made it to the top and were instantly teleported here to St. Dominic,” said Duncan.

While the validity of this story is doubtful, they are often “teleported” into each other’s class to help keep things lively for the students. Even if the Everest story isn’t true, it fits right in with their “never grow up” personalities. 

Mr. Z and Mr. Brotherton

Mr. Z and Mr. Brotherton’s relationship started last school year when Mr. Z joined St. Dominic halfway through the year. With St. Dominic being a tech-heavy school, it was hard for Mr. Z to adjust. Mr. Brotherton resided in the classroom next to Mr. Z and was always willing to help Mr. Z with his technology.

Mr. Z and Mr. Brotherton are probably the most surprising pair in this article. Mr. Z may have a few years on Mr. Brotherton, but that does not keep these two from really connecting.

Mr. Z and Mr. Brotherton have a lot in common. They both love dogs, Blues hockey and the iconic television show Jeopardy. In fact, they once met up to share a meal and watch Jeopardy together. When asked who does better answering the questions on Jeopardy, Mr. Brotherton said that Mr. Z has him beat by a long shot.

Mr. Margadonna and Mrs. Holden-Nims

Representing the English department we have Mr. Margadonna and Mrs. Holden-Nims. They both noted that their relationship revolves around gossiping over text and in person. What do they gossip about, you ask? They wouldn’t say, so be careful what you do and say around these two because you may be featured in their next conversation.

While gossiping seems to be the center of their relationship, they really do admire each other. They both know they can go to each other when they need anything. Both are ’80s kids and Mrs. Holden-Nims is able to look past Mr. Margadonna’s northeastern ways, so clearly they are pretty close.

While there are so many things that make them click, Mr. Margadonna has a little salt with Mrs. Holden-Nims. Mr. Margadonna hopes one day she will let him edit the yearbook, but to this day she hasn’t. Now isn’t that some juicy gossip?

Mr. Struttmann and Mr. Menke

Mr. Struttmann and Mr. Menke have so much in common. They coach together, which has brought them together tremendously because they both care so much about the students they coach.

“Coach Menke’s dedication to his students, players and our school is what sets him apart from most. I look forward to when I get to see him and shoot the breeze or talk about work, basketball and soccer.  Our personalities really mesh and that makes work and coaching a lot more fun.  It’s a pleasure to work with him and call him my teacher bestie,” said Struttmann.

Mr. Menke considers Mr. Struttmann “a little brother,” demonstrating that their relationship is much more than just business.

“Strutt always has a smile on his face. He always greets all the students and faculty. All the students here at St. Dominic love him. He is great at what he does for this school and I enjoy having him on my basketball coaching staff,” said Menke.

While on the outside it seems their love for coaching is what keeps their relationship rolling, but on the inside they both are very passionate about the students they serve.

Ms. Moutray and Mr. Winkelmann

When both Ms. Moutray and Mr. Winkelmann were asked who their teacher bestie was, they both immediately said each other’s name. They are very similar people with huge hearts.  

“We share many interests and personality traits and we’re both huge dorks,” said Moutray.

 There’s no doubt that these two adore each other, but it was confirmed when they both were asked what they admire most about the other. They said, “everything.”

It is so great to see our teachers getting along so well. The bonds the teachers have make our school a much better place to be in. There is no doubt that our school will continue to thrive for years to come with such good chemistry behind the scenes.

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About the Writer
Nick Bone, Staff Writer

Nick Bone is a senior at St. Dominic. He is involved in Peer Ministry, AD Club, varsity baseball and is the president of the Ambassadors club. In his free time he enjoys fishing, hunting, scaring his mom and driving Mr. Duncan insane.

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