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Senior Destinations

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Senior Destinations

Nick Bone, Staff Writer

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With the end of school right around the corner, seniors are finalizing where they want to attend college. Here is a list of where everyone is going.

Anthony Alberts: Unknown 

Bridget Allen: University of Dayton

Madison Ballard: Columbia College

Zachary Barnett: St. Charles Community College

Francesca Barrale: St. Charles Community College

Eric Bauche: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Alex Becker: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Keith Beckmann: Louisiana State University 

Nicholas Becnel: Unknown 

Abigail Benedict: University of Kansas

Trevor Bond: Missouri State University

Sophia Bradley: Benedictine College

Kaitlyn Bross: Marquette University

Grace Bruegenhemke: Truman State University

Alexandria Burkemper: University of Central Missouri

Alex Callahan: St. Charles Community College

Alex Cammarata: Kenrick Glennon Seminary/St. Louis University

Megan Carey: California Polytechnic State University

Collin Chrun: Rockhurst University

Nick Classen: St. Charles Community College

Briana Coke-Attewell: Unknown

Robyn Collumbien: St. Charles Community College

Kelsey Cooper: St. Charles Community College

Terrance Cordia: Monmouth College

Elise Cornett: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Hunter Coutts: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Luke Cross: St. Charles Community College

Karen Dale: Drury University

Emily Delassus: Rockhurst University

McKenna Donnelly: Missouri State University

Lauren Dougherty: University of Kansas

Meredith Drummond: Rockhurst University

Andrea Ducharme: Southeast Missouri State University

Allison Duffy: University of Tampa

Katherine Eck: Missouri State University

Skyler Elder: Unknown 

Melissa Ellis: Missouri State University

Teresa Enloe: University of Kansas

Cassandra Esker: Drury University

Daniel Faust: Benedictine College

Grace Fink: St. Louis University

Caitlin Fleming: Benedictine College

Christopher Fleming: Missouri Valley College

Meghan Flynn: St. Charles Community College

Jeremy Forbeck: Lindenwood University

Wyatt Forhan: Michigan State University

Bianca Foushee: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Raul Garcia: University of Missouri (Mizzou)/St. Charles Community College

Reece Gentry: Culver Stockton College

Ashley Gil: Unknown 

Josie Gildehaus: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Sophie Gildehaus: Maryville University

Kristina Green: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Justin Haberberger: Maryville University

Madeline B. Hall: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Madeline E. Hall: Truman State University

Madeline Hartman: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Conner Havrilla: Truman State University

Audrianna Hebron: Missouri State University

Audrey Hermann: Quincy University

Emma Hill: Meramec Community College

Blake Hoff: Unknown 

Matthew Hoff: Unknown 

Sydney Hofstetter: Missouri State University

Gabriel Hollowell: St. Charles Community College

Megan Hosty: University of Central Missouri

Brooke Huber: Missouri State University

Alexander Johnson: Miami University

Abigail Kahr: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Colin Kalish: Unknown 

Nathan Kamp: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Ella Kasubke: Benedictine College

Lydia Keinrath: Truman State University

Alexandra Kelsch: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Kara Kern: Unknown 

Alexandra Kimbel: Stephens College

Kristin Kinsella: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Riley Kirchner: Unknown 

Paul Knapp: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Justin Kopp: St. Charles Community College

Madison Krick: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Karissa Kruse: University of Arkansas

Blake Kuester: Kansas University 

Jack Lanasa: Missouri Baptist University

Haley Laufketter: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Margaret LeDoux: Truman State University

Carson Leonard: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Jeremy Leonard: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Kirsten Lepping: Lewis and Clark University

Riley Luetkenhaus: Lindenwood University

Mandy Martinez: St. Charles Community College

Rosa Mazzuca: Rockhurst University

Timothy McAteer: Unknown 

Collin McDonough: Truman State University

Paul Meier: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Molly Menne: Truman State University

Madison Miller: Missouri State University/St. Charles Community College

Julia Minicky: Benedictine College  

Brianna Morrow: William Woods University

Jeremy Mudd: State Technical College of Missouri

Benjamin Mueller: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Nathan Mueller: St. Charles Community College

Sarah Nelson: Truman State University

Gage Newton: Unknown 

Megan O’Brien: Missouri State University

Shelby Orf: Maryville University

Kameron Palo: Unknown 

Theodore Pardee: Truman State University  

Grace Patton: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Grace Pauluzzi: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Kaitlyn Pepper: DePaul University

Anna Pieper: Missouri State University

Derrick Playle: Linn State Technical College

Kyle Prendergast: Unknown 

Jack Preuss: Unknown 

Jacob Prost: Unknown 

Kailee Queener: Missouri State University

Kyle Raymond: St. Charles Community College

Chloe Reale: St. Charles Community College

Sean Rebeck: St. Louis University

Maxwell Relling: Unknown 

Abby Renaud: St. Charles Community College

Ellee Rogers: University of Kansas

Emma Rothweil: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Alexandra Sabala: Northwestern University

Samuel Sachs: Unknown 

Daisy Saldana: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Ryan Santel: Unknown 

Joshua Schipper: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Blake Schneider: Benedictine College

Paul Schneider: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Max Schneier: Unknown 

Cora Schulte: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Nicholas Schulte: Unknown 

Payton Schulte: Missouri State University

Andrew Schulz: Unknown 

Max Sengl: Truman State University

Adam Shipp: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Amanda Shrom:

Conner Sinnard: St. Charles Community College

Kelly Sitz: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Alexandra Slaid: University of Missouri Kansas City

Kylie Smoot: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Brian Sniezak: University of Missouri (St. Louis)

Lauren Solverud: Missouri State University

Timothy Steiniger: Missouri State University

Joshua Stiffler:

Rose Stout: Knox College

Madeline Stransky: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Andrew Tabora: Missouri State University

Taylor Thieme: University of Kansas

Lauren Thomas: St. Charles Community College

Olivia Thorn: St. Charles Community College

Sidney Thorpe: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Alex Tocco: Unknown 

Piper Tracy: University of Arkansas

Noah Vaughan: Missouri State University

Maysa Viviano: Missouri State University

Camryn Weber: University of Kansas

Abbigail West: Missouri State University

Madeline Weston: University of Southern Indiana

Brennen Whitt: University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Elizabeth Wilhelms: Unknown 

Katherine Wilmes: Missouri State University

Harrison Witte: Fontbonne University

Michelle Wolf: Southeast Missouri State University

Zachary Worster: Central College

Svetlana Wunnenberg: University of Missouri (Mizzou)

Benjamin Yanak: Unknown 

Samantha Zoellner: University of Missouri Kansas City


We would like to wish everyone the best of luck and a happy life as they take a step into bigger and better things.

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Nick Bone is a senior at St. Dominic. He is involved in Peer Ministry, AD Club, varsity baseball and is the president of the Ambassadors club. In his free...

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