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11 Things I Learned in High School

Kelly Sitz, Staff Writer

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As you should, I have learned many things in high school. Not just your ordinary textbook lessons, but lessons that will help me with everyday life even after high school.

1. How to get ready in ten minutes
Freshman year I used to wake up an hour before I had to leave. By senior year, I mastered the art of waking up ten minutes before I have to leave and still getting everything accomplished.

2. Your Freshman GPA matters
Your freshman year GPA impacts your overall GPA. Just because it is your first time in high school and you want to have fun, does not mean you can slack off on your grades. Your grades from freshman year will affect you later on, especially when applying for colleges. 

3. Your planner is your life saver
Keeping track of all your assignments on a planner will keep you organized which will help you later in life. Without being organized, life can be hectic, so be sure to use your planner wisely.

4. Know the class you are signing up for
Before taking a class, really look into it to know what it is about. Talk to someone who has taken the class before to get a feel of what it is like. If you do not like it, take advantage of the three day period where you can drop it.

5. Do not be afraid of change
Your life will not stay the same from freshman year to senior year. Things will change as the four years go by, so do not let changes phase you. Whether it is your friends or your style, change should be accepted.

6. Quality over quantity
It does not matter if you have the smallest group of friends or the biggest. As long as you have great friends who are there for you through everything, it does not matter how many there are.

7. Try new things
Do not knock it till you try it. You will never know if you will enjoy it until you take a shot at it.

8. Use your study hall
Train yourself now to use your free time to get work done. Mastering time management now will help you get work accomplished in college.

9. Get involved in an extracurricular
Not only are extracurriculars enjoyable, but they provide you with a great group of people that will always be there for you. Whether it is sports, theatre or a club, make sure to get involved.

10. Find a teacher that will have your back
Having a teacher that will be there for you will come in handy for many circumstances. Whether you need a break from stress to chat or you need help with an assignment, they are always willing to help.

11. Do not wait until the last minute to do things
Procrastination is the silent killer. Always be on top of your work and get it done so you do not have to worry about it at the last minute.

High school has taught me a lot of valuable lessons, even more than these eleven. Look beyond the textbooks and iPads and see what high school has taught you—it goes a long way.

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About the Writer
Kelly Sitz, Staff Writer

Kelly Sitz is a senior here at St. Dominic High School. She is a peer minister and on the varsity volleyball and track team. In her free time you will find Kelly hanging out with her friends or watching Friends on Netflix. She is attending University of Missouri next year and plans on majoring in education. She is very excited for you to all read the paper this year!

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11 Things I Learned in High School