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Memories to Last a Lifetime

Kayla Merkle, Staff Writer

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After four years at St. Dominic, the class of 2018 is getting ready to finally throw their caps. This bittersweet moment is tough, but the memories they have to hold in their hearts will remain as they begin their journey beyond these halls.

One of the most special moments for every Crusader is being under the Friday night lights at our football games. However, being on the field as part of this brotherhood and going “all in” is something that seniors Blake Schneider and Theo Pardee will never forget.

“I will miss the atmosphere of the Friday night football games, especially the very first game I played as a St. Dominic varsity player,” said Schneider.

“After each home game we’d all go up to the tailgate by the senior lot and chow down on all kinds of different foods. Afterwards, whoever was still around would head up to the parking lot by the fence and tennis courts. We’d have a ‘parking lot party.’ We’d talk about the game, other games going on that night, what’s happening in school and just hang out. Just hanging out with my buddies at the parking lot over the course of my years as a varsity player elevated my football experience even higher. Sitting on the tailgate of trucks and talking about how sore we were going to be tomorrow were some of my favorite memories. I’m sad to see it end, but long live the parking lot parties,” said Pardee.

Going along with sports, girls basketball has been a blast for the whole team, and they will never forget winning districts to finish out their senior season. All the memories made will be in their hearts forever.

“One of my favorite high school memories was this past basketball season, especially winning districts,” said senior Samantha Zoellner.

“After three years of hard work and dedication, we finally got that trophy!” said senior Audrey Hermann.

Senior Ben Mueller will also never forget his high school basketball career, especially dominating Duchesne.

“My best high school memory is beating Duchesne in basketball my senior year. I had been watching and participating in these rivalry games my entire life, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen us win. To win my very last game against them is an amazing memory. It was the very last opportunity for me to play them, and our 2018 team was the first to come out on top in at least 6 years. All the fans there made it even more memorable. The sound after the final buzzer was deafening. The game made me extremely proud of my team and my St. Dominic family. It is definitely something I will never forget,” said Mueller.

In addition, some of the seniors’ favorite memories come from the classroom. You never know what you might see or hear—especially in Mr. Jason Asher’s class.

“My greatest memory from high school would have to be when I was in Mr. Asher’s sociology class last year and looked to my right to see a girl sitting criss cross on her desk, barefoot, while knitting!” said senior Taylor Thieme.

Some who have taken the role of leadership their senior year have gained an experience they will miss dearly.

“One of my favorite high school memories is Peer Ministry. From Kairos to Christmas parties to empower hour meetings, I always find myself laughing and smiling. We have become such a close knit family and it will definitely be hard to leave them. They have taught me so many important lessons that I am extremely grateful for,” said senior Andrea Ducharme.

With all these good times come hard goodbyes. However, the class of 2018 will hold these memories dear as they enter a whole new world of opportunities and begin a new chapter of their lives.

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